Wednesday, December 29, 2021


Confirmation #9

Here is an email testimony I received from brother Earnest Elias, of how God showed him the year 2022.

Scripture says to let every word be established in the mouth of  2 or 3 witnesses,
so here is another...

This testimony, to 2022, is even stronger. I wasn't gonna put this in my book, but Yah did something fascinating with me on this that I couldn't ignore.

I had run into a Facebook post of a ministry called Spirit Move Ministry, of the minister there, Liberty, who had a dream of being in California. In this dream, she was over hearing people's conversations, and they were saying they only had 2 days left before they had to leave California. 

Liberty didn't know or wouldn't say it, but I knew it meant 2 days equals 2 years, for 2022, because some bible prophecy describes a day as a year (Dan 9:24-27). Liberty said she had the dream in July, but finally felt compelled to release it on September 4th. That also, I told her in an email, was the Lord upon her to release it then, because 2 years from now is September 2022, when I'm expecting the Japan mega quake/tsunami and matches the other signs herein.

Now if that was all to this, I might have thrown it in my prophecy closet, but something startling happened when I went back about 2 weeks later, to Spirit Move's Facebook page, to look for that video again. When I went to their Facebook page to look for that California video , low and behold, their Facebook page had 2,022 likes. Later that day, when I went to email Liberty of this, unconsciously, my email sent was at 2:22pm.

Liberty's dream at Spirit Move Ministry and these number signs given to me, are another witness, that California's time is up in 2022.